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The Truth about Diets

Every website, billboard and television show proclaims they have the only diet that really works. From Weight Watchers meetings to Slimfast’s chocolate shakes, there are as many ways to lose weight as there are creme fillings in that last box of chocolates you ate.

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Facts about Food Additives

Taste, texture, color, and freshness all play roles in the enjoyment of our food. These are the qualities that make eating a pursuit that goes well beyond simple nourishment. Our modern lifestyles have given rise to high food production, mouths to feed, and a greater demand for shelf-life. This, in turn, has given rise to food additives, which give us exactly what we want out of our food, but at what cost?

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14 Things You Should Know about Pizza

One of the most popular and recognizable foods in the world, pizza is both delicious and affordable. Traditionally, pizza pies were oven backed, oval shaped and topped with just tomatoes and cheese, but modern variations use ingredients like egg, potatoes, and cocnut. No matter what pizza is your favorite, the following facts are sure to spike your interest.

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The Stats on Soft Drinks

Most of us enjoy a soda every know and then, but exactly how big is the soda industry? Take a look at how the United States compares in the consumption of soft drinks in this nifty infographic.

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