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Catherine Week 1: Watching the Olympics and Being Inspired…

It is Monday night and men’s gymnastics is on right now… well… it is a rebroadcast of the competition from earlier as California is eight hours behind Great Britain in time. Still it is awe-inspiring to watch. The young men are just flying around in the air. They make it look so easy and effortless […]

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Jade Week 1: Newly Engaged & Determined to Lose the Weight

Two years ago I finally lost that stubborn “5 more pounds” and felt super confident and content at my new 145 pound body. I signed up for a 5K, starting eating healthier (and a lot less), and then signed up for a half marathon. I was the fittest I had ever been and it was […]

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Welcome to’s Blogger Series!

Hello and welcome to’s blogger series! My name is Jonathan Roberts and I’m the editor of this site. After reviewing tons of weight loss related sites that merely offer advice from already fit people, we noticed that there was something huge missing — inspiration! We believe that our readership will be encouraged and motivated […]

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Elizabeth Week 1: Re-Losing Baby Weight Isn’t So Easy the Second Time Around…

My name is Elizabeth and I have been struggling with my weight pretty much all of my life. That bit of information would likely come as a surprise to people who have known me since I was young — that’s because I have never noticeably been overweight until now. When I was younger, I fought […]

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