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Cassie Week 9: Why Vegetarian?

I have been vegetarian for about 8 years now. Most people make their way to it by realizing that their food once was able to blink and breathe. Me, however — my path to not eating meat was through a boy. A really handsome boy that I was with for 8 years. His choice was […]

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Byron Week 9: Under Pressure

This week I hopped on a plane to head back to my hometown in Wisconsin for a real autumn and a close relative’s wedding. There are two things I’ve already learned realized traveling in my new weight-loss mentality: 1) Am I the only one that thinks going on vacation translates to “you can eat anything […]

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Mashelle Week 9: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Now that I am feeling better, I have so much more energy and am starting to get back on track. I have not yet really had enough energy to get off the couch and start exercising again, but that will change this week. I lost a pound, putting me back down to where I was […]

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Scott Week 9: Overdrive

This past week has been a flurry of activity for me. Not a day went by when I didn’t have something to do in the evening. I’m a social creature by nature. I enjoy seeing my friends and attending events and everything in between, but when you are trying to lose weight it makes it […]

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Holly Week 9: Special Circumstances

In the past month my car’s gas tank cracked, which translated to it being donated due to the cost of repair. I lost one of two major clients, and the other one feels like it’s on the verge of leaving, too. I had to borrow money to pay the rent. I got pericoronitis around one […]

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Elizabeth Week 9: Time to Get Serious!

Not that I have not taken this weight loss journey seriously, but I feel like that it is much easier to lose weight when you weigh more. At first you lose a ton of water weight and that accounts for the first five pounds or so. Then you probably lose some weight due to toxins […]

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Catherine Week 9: Misty Goes Home And A Hospital Stay

As I start to write my blog today Monday the 24th of September I have Dr.Oz on the television. I like Dr. Oz. I find him to be very genuine and informative. Today he is talking about the importance of making sure you have magnesium in your diet and eating three square meals a day. […]

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Michaela Week 8: The Power of Walking

Weekly Update weight-loss:  ? Inches lost:  ? So, what’s up with the question marks? Each week with the Ideal Protein program I weigh-in and meet with a nurse (my day is Thursday). An important part of tracking my weight-loss has been weighing-in on the same scale each week. I’ve been on vacation this past week […]

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Cassie Week 8: Serious Business

I don’t want to stop my life just to lose weight quickly. Hell, I don’t want to wake up an hour earlier just to squeeze fitness into my day or pre-plan my meals. Am I stubborn? As hell.  Am I stupid? In my approach, yes. This is not a great attitude for keeping healthy. This […]

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Mike Week 8: On the Road

I landed Sunday for N.Y. and have left for R.I. Some guy was sneezing on the plane two seats over from me and I said to myself” I hope I don’t get this guys cold”. Well Monday morning I got the tickle in my throat and that feeling of  “CRAP I’m getting sick” so I […]

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