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Catherine Week 13: Back On The Island Plateau BUT Life Forges On And It Is GOOD!!!!

WELL!!! What a very busy, interesting and wonderful past ten days this has been! I am being a very naughty girl and getting this in a day late and I beg all of your forgiveness but I think you all will forgive me. Things are really starting to go in a positive direction even though I am back […]

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Holly Week 12: The Wisdom Tooth Aftercare Diet

Last Thursday, I had both of my bottom wisdom teeth extracted. As part of recovery, I have been instructed to only eat soft foods and liquids, nothing that must be chewed. Since that time, my diet has consisted mostly of thin soups (pho broth, lobster bisque, cream of chicken), juices (naked, orangina, coconut water), and […]

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Catherine Week 12: I Can’t Believe What I Am Looking At And Onward and Upward

What a week this has been! I went to go see Dr. Polisky as I told all of you I would but because I ended up having a late start leaving my house because I was not feeling very well and we did not have luck with the buses by the time I arrived at […]

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Mike Week 11: Convinced About Paleo

Finally after two weeks home I am back to normal and eating in my opinion the correct way our bodies are genetically programmed too. On the road I went off and even broke down and went a little crazy of eating crap. Now the urges to eat sugar and glutenous foods is gone again as […]

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Holly Week 11: The Greatest Contributors to Successful Weight Loss

I think one of the greatest contributors to a successful diet is routine, and one of the greater detractors is the lack thereof. Establishing a routine in which to conduct a diet and exercise program provides solid foundations for success. By entering each day knowing how you will play the dieting game, one is able […]

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Catherine Week 11: The Madwoman Of North Hollywood

I have to admit I started my day with a lot of frustration. First of all I had another night spent with barely any sleep so I was overtired and extremely stiff and achy. The rash and welts that developed on my lower chin and left cheek this week was burning and itching like crazy. […]

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Elizabeth Week 11: A New Kind of Goal

Last week I was feeling a little less than enthused, to say the very least! I reached my initial goal weight, but I did not feel the way I expected I would. When I began this whole process, I had this vision of jumping for joy and tearing up on the scale when I finally […]

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Michaela Week 10: Big Girl in a Skinny World

Weekly loss update: -2 lbs. Inches lost: Chest: 0; Arms: 0; Waist; 1/2″; Hips: 1/4″; Thighs: 0 These past 9 months have been part of a powerful journey; I’ve made great efforts to focus my energies on the journey aspect of my weight loss and not the final destination and it’s made all the difference. […]

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Cassie Week 10: Keeping up Veg

So if I originally fell into vegetarianism because of a guy that I am no longer dating, why am I still? I believe full-heartedly that we cross paths with people, places, situations, for a reason- that everything is interlaced. We grow from these interactions and hopefully come out better human beings at the end of […]

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Byron Week 10: Crunch Time

In two weeks, I will be in paradise. I’ll be surrounded by lush tropical island life, clear water and absolutely no commitments (aside from, you know, a few planned naps). I even put photos of our last trip on the fridge to motivate myself to stay on my healthy target! (Like the one I’m sharing […]

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