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Catherine Week 22: It’s The Last Week Of The Year And I Am Still Here…

Who would have thought that? Quite frankly, I do not doubt my dedication, but I must admit I am just a little bit surprised and very pleased with myself that I am still here… that I have dug in my heels deep and I keep on writing. It has been the best thing I have done for myself […]

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Catherine Week 21: Arctic Cold? I Thought I Lived In Southern California!!!!… AND A Christmas Treat :-)

Okay… maybe I am being a bit dramatic but I am not kidding everyone. I have started writing this at approximately 12:50 a.m. this morning  and the super icy cold wind is battering my windows. The frigid air is seeping its glacial fingers around the edges of the sides of my bedroom window. I have […]

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Catherine Week 20: Sleep Eludes Me In The Wee Small Hours Therefore I Write…

I suppose it is a good thing since I can not sleep that filming is cancelled tomorrow… or should I really say later today since it is 2:59 AM as I write this. I admit to having mixed emotions about it. I am sad naturally as I always look forward to doing my work but more importantly I am […]

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Catherine Week 19: Busy Week and Feeling Yucky but Spirits Good!

I know everyone I am late again… they will write on my epitaph… The Late, Great Catherine Anne Hayes!!! I truly apologize  for taking so long. It has been a hectic week with shooting the film, going for diagnostic tests, going to the dentist, going to the doctor for medical clearances… to make matters worse […]

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