10 Lunchtime Weight Loss Tips

Depending on your weight loss plan, chances are pretty good that you’re not wanting to blow the majority of your calories during your lunch hour. The fact is that there are a number of ways you can go about keeping your weight loss goals and still have an enjoyable lunch. Here are ten tips to keep in mind during your lunch break that will help you control calories and continue to strive for those important goals:

  1. Trade fast food for a deli. Your local deli probably doesn’t have a drive-thru, so it’s going to take a few more minutes to go get your lunch. Consider calling in your order ahead if you’re on a short lunch break.
  2. Drop the mayo. One of the best tricks for weight loss is identifying those foods that tend to be high in calories. Mayonnaise is one of those foods. Leave it off your sandwich (or anywhere else). Mustard is a more flavorful substitute condiment if you don’t want to eat a dry sandwich.
  3. Go grilled instead of fried. While you still need to check the actual nutrition information, chances are pretty good a grilled version of a sandwich (like chicken) is going to be at least 100 calories less than the fried version.
  4. Consider thin crust. Thin crust pizza can have as few as half of the calories of regular pizza. Stick with toppings that are low in fat and calories. Veggies are a wonderful choice.
  5. Do the research. Some fast food menu items sound much better for you than they are. For example, Arby’s toasted subs and their market fresh sandwiches are generally higher in calories than their standard roast beef sandwiches.
  6. Switch out sides. Forget french fries and other greasy, high-calorie side dishes if you want to keep in line with your weight loss goals. Consider a side salad with a low-calorie dressing, or even a vegetable if it’s offered.
  7. Shoot for smaller portions. If you’re going to a fast food restaurant, consider ordering a children’s meal instead of a larger adult-portioned burger.
  8. Pick your toppings well. You can use salsa to top a baked potato instead of sour cream and butter in order to cut the calorie count significantly.
  9. Pack your lunch. A lunch that you bring to work has exactly what you put into it, and you become the complete master of what goes into your body.
  10. Plan ahead. If you know you’ve got to go to lunch with a client at a restaurant where you’re going to eat a higher amount of calories, plan ahead to have a lighter dinner that evening.

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