5 Tips for Eating Out and Weight Loss

Just because you’re focusing on your weight loss goals doesn’t mean you can’t eat out. While the documentary makers want to convince you that restaurants are trying to fatten you up, there are ways you can go out and eat at a restaurant without having to make bad choices and mess up your weight loss goals.

Here are a few tips on eating out and maintaining your weight loss goals:

  • Plan ahead. Many restaurants now post their menus online, as well as their nutritional information. Even if they don’t have nutritional information, you can take note of the dishes you’re interested in and plan your caloric intake around them. The key is to watch out for portion size, because you won’t likely know until you arrive at the restaurant how big their portions are.
  • Consider lunch portions. One way to address the portion issue is to ask if you can order a lunch portion. Some restaurants may not be thrilled about it, and some may actually ask you to pay the higher dinner rate. That’s fine, as long as they can bring you a smaller portion.
  • Enjoy soups and salads. Soup and salad is a tasty way to keep weight loss in mind while eating out. The trick here is to stay away from high-calorie salad dressings, as well as soups that might be cream-based or otherwise high in calories. Oh, watch out for salads with fried chicken, or ones with heaping amounts of egg, bacon or cheese.
  • Know high fat lingo. There are a few words and phrases you should watch out for on any menu that indicate the fat content is going to be significant. They include “breaded,” “battered,” “with gravy,” “au gratin,” “cream sauce,” “buttered” and more.
  • Know how to have your meat cooked. One of the keys of weight loss is sticking with the right preparation types. Poultry, for example, should be skinless if possible, and it should be steamed, broiled, grilled, baked, boiled, poached or even roasted. It should definitely not be fried. Red meat is fine a couple of times a week, as well, just watch out for portion control and try to order more lean cuts as opposed to fattier cuts.

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