How to Break a Weight Loss Plateau

Hitting a weight loss plateau can be devastating to your dedication. You may go weeks without seeing much change in your weight loss. There are simple ways to break free from this plateau though. Here are just a few tips to get you out of that rut.

Change your diet for a week

Eating leafy greens and Newton’s apple is commendable on that weight loss journey. This diet has served you well for the past few months. The issue is that you are now plateauing and still have pounds to shed.

Take a day and change up your diet. Eat a steak if you have not had steak in months. Have some homemade cookies. This change in food intake will cause a shock to the digestive processes. Sometimes this is all the body needs to adjust the metabolism and get it back into overdrive.

This does come with a bit of caution though. That weight loss diet might have your body rejecting refined sugars and fats. Don’t go buck wild and eat everything in sight. You are only looking to shock your system, not send it into weight loss death spirals.

Jog instead of bike

Changing up your workout routine can go a long way to keeping your body a weight loss machine. Bodybuilders use this trick to keep the body guessing and muscles growing. You can use the same methods to be a calorie-burning furnace.

The body comes to expect certain things. Your body knows that right around 5PM it is going to go running. Change up that routine to confuse the body. Maybe you grab a bicycle and go for a bike ride instead of your normal jog. Keep your body on the verge of the unknown for super weigh loss success.

Take a week off

Just as you take vacations to get away from it all, your body needs a vacation from weight loss activities from time to time. Even if you are not on work vacation, take a week off to skip out on those weight loss goals.

This will give the body some time to adjust to a more relaxing daily routine. Maybe you add in another apple to snack on. Take a week off from all that weight loss exercising. Just remember that this is only a short vacation. You will be right back at your weight loss lifestyle the following week.

Sometimes you just need to maintain

Those people who have been on the weight loss road for years might be at a point they just need to maintain. This is just a part of life. You want to maintain a healthy weight. If you have tried everything under the sun to break that plateau it might be time to shift into a maintenance mode.

Maintaining your weight loss success is much the same as your weight loss routines of the past. You still eat healthy, still get in that exercising, and still reward yourself from time to time. Just look to keep your weight stable instead of watching for big weight loss drops.

A weight loss plateau does not have to be the death of your goals and lifestyle. Humans are creatures of habit. Changing things up from time to time goes a long way to keeping off that plateau.

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