Top 5 Weight Loss Myths

Weight loss comes with a lot of do this and don’t do that jibber-jabber. How does one pick out what to use to their advantage and what not to use. Here are five weight loss myths to watch out for if you want to stay on the right road:

1. Being husky is in my genes

Using your genetics is not an excuse for avoiding your weight loss goals. Every person on this planet is built in his or her own unique way. You may inherit your father’s hair, but you did not inherit his eating habits. Stop wallowing in the myth that because you come from a large family you will be large.

Weight loss starts with a desire to succeed. Change your eating habits, go exercise, or talk with a doctor about what you need to do to succeed. You may just find that there simple steps you can do to be the beacon of hope for your family.

2. I eat because I have an eating disorder

One of the worst misconceptions in society today is eating disorders. These disorders do exist for a small percentage of people. Most people fall into the category of eating thanks to stress levels.

You read that right. Stress can cripple your weight loss dreams. Before you go announcing to the world that you eat the buffet clean because you have an eating disorder, think about why you are eating. Learning how to deal with stress can lead to a happier, healthier, and longer life.

3. Fad diets are full of win

Ever notice how fad diets come and go on an almost weekly basis. If these diets were ever meant to be successful, everyone and their brother would be using them. Fad diets are meant to do one thing only. That is to take your money for as long as the fad is in style.

4. I don’t have the time for all this work

Another myth that comes along with the stress factor is no time. It is true that people are busier more than ever these days. It is also true that people spend more time on the couch as well.

Before you think you don’t have time to exercise, think of this. It only takes 15 minutes to burn off a few calories. It may not be much, but you know you have 15 minutes to spare somewhere in your day.

Cooking becomes a bit trickier, but planning can go a long way to weight loss awesomeness. Take a day and cook all your meals for the week. Pack a lunch the night before. Eating raw fruits and veggies takes almost no time to prepare.

5. I can lose the weight off my belly with exercises

Thinking that all those crunches and sit-ups are going to trim your waistline is one of marketing’s biggest lies. Weight loss cannot be targeted at one area of the body. Weight loss is a whole body affair. Before you spend months of disappointment working on reducing your mid section, know that you might be reducing your leg size instead.

Weight loss is all a state of mind. Believing in yourself will go a long way to hitting your goals. Don’t fall into these mythical traps and set yourself back. You have the power to achieve your weight loss goals no matter who you are.

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