Holly Week 8: Tackling Excuses

I think I have my system worked out. I am going to be combining Weight Watchers and Atkins-style dieting. Since gorging myself on Atkins came out to 2,000 calories or fewer a day, it seems like it help keep my overeating under control. It also made me realize how many grams of carbs I was eating (a lot). Weight Watchers further keeps me under control, but allows for a bit more flexibility and encourages a more well-rounded diet.

My plan is to eat a high-protein, low-carb smoothie in the morning with only the finest ingredients, including Greek yogurt, frozen fruit, and a splash of Naked or Odwalla 100% juice drinks. I will then have a slab of meat for lunch, a cheese for a snack, a slab of meat for dinner, and a salad for a snack.

I will also be going surfing every morning that the surf is under three feet (which is fairly common around here), with the exception of 72 hours after rain due to water quality/health issues. I am also encouraging my fiancé to do his daily crunches and jumping jacks earlier in the day, so I can do them with him. Walking six miles a day lasted for a while, but it takes too much time out of my day and sometimes throws off my work day.

Now, this is all well and good for a perfect person. I, however, am flawed. It’s hard to believe, I know. Well, believe it or not, I occasionally (i.e., daily) give in to my cravings for foods I should not eat. This is where I am a bit stuck. I have attempted to reduce my ability to give in to cravings. I don’t have a car, so I can’t just go grab food, and I don’t keep unhealthy food in my house. I have also nearly eradicated diet soda from my diet (which I hear triggers the drinker to crave real sugar). I further try to actively battle the cravings with my logic and reasoning, but that requires constant fighting.

I am trying to limit, if not eliminate, my drinking, which is a major trigger for overeating and eating junk food. However, this has proved a bit challenging. I had no problem not drinking during my induction phase, including at a yearly party. Since that time, I my drinking has been re-increasing. I am a freelancer, and I work from home, so drinking has become a crutch for separating working and fun time and sometimes as a way to make myself stop working. I have had some success by keeping myself busy with hobbies, exercise, and other activities in the evening (rather than just watching TV), but I still seem to fall short quite frequently.

Maybe I should start meditating at 6:00 pm to create a clear delineation between work and play and to shed the stress of the day. My mission for this week is to find other ways of battling my cravings.

About HollyZ

I am a 20-something freelance writer/editor that was formerly extremely active and now works fulltime in a sedentary and mentally exhausting field. I still enjoy surfing, skateboarding, and playing with my dog at the beach, but I have had little time for such pursuits due to my busy schedule. However, I have launched myself on the path towards weight loss in order to feel healthier, live happier, and increase my confidence.

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