Mike Week 11: Convinced About Paleo

Finally after two weeks home I am back to normal and eating in my opinion the correct way our bodies are genetically programmed too. On the road I went off and even broke down and went a little crazy of eating crap. Now the urges to eat sugar and glutenous foods is gone again as my body is reacting to the right foods. I saw a piece on Rock Center about  the gluten free diet. They said it was a phase according to an expert on the subject of trends and that it will peter out in about two years and turn into the next new thing. Another so called expert said that if you eat gluten free junk food that it is still junk food or if you eat gluten free bad food it is still bad food. Well how about that the frigging GLUTEN is what makes it bad. It is amazing how they left out the fact that gluten is a pasty glob of useless food not good for our bodies.

And why do giant corporations like Pillsbury and General Mills have whole lines of Gluten free foods? Is it maybe because the people are becoming more aware and demanding gluten free foods. Is that why Ralphs has gluten free salad bar section to maybe get back the customers who are going to Whole Foods despite the price increase to get what they want that is good for them? I think so.

I have tried over my adult life every diet that has come down the road. The Juice diet, Atkins, cabbage diet, pepper maple syrup lemon diet, fasting, starvation, south beach… Ive tried them all and with no results in the final analysis. But now Paleo works and makes the most sense of all of them. And most importantly it is working for me and I feel great. I am down 4 pounds and never have had people tell me that I am skinny. SKINNY… not the mesomorph big husky guy Ive been called all my life. I know this finally is my way of life for the remainder of my years and know I am adding years to my existence by doing so. Remember cavemen didn’t have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, alcoholism, or aids. No, they died from getting eaten or infection from wounds or accidents. Not from self-induced diets to an early death. So if you haven’t looked into Paleo I highly recomend that you at least give it a read. There is tons of info on the internet. Just search for Paleo diet and browse a little. I am proof that it does work and most of all it makes the most sense of anything you have ever heard of in regards to dieting or rather changing your way of life and eating. You won`t regret it and it can change your life. Most of all be happy, and peace.

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Mike Borassi, Private Chef, 65 years old

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