How To Eat Locally While On A Budget

There is no debate that eating carrot sticks is healthier than eating potato chips. Those carrot sticks would be even better if they were grown locally. How does one go from eating mass produced food to eating healthy locally grown foods? Here are a few ideas to get you started on this healthy way to eat locally and support your weight loss goals in one shot.

Change you mindset

Your home is an investment. Your health is just as much of an investment, if not more, than your home. Buying locally grown produce not only supports your weight loss investment, but it also invests in the community.

You also need to do a bit of priority shifting on your shopping habits. Weight loss is not cheap or easy. You need to prioritize those carrots over that beer. Invest in your health now and buy those toys later.

Change up how you cook

The biggest part to buying local to support your weight loss goals is to plan around the seasons. You’re not going to be able to buy strawberries in the dead of winter. A little bit of planning can go a long way here. Take one Saturday and can up those strawberries so you can enjoy them in the winter.

You should also enjoy the whole vegetable and not just one part of it. Eat the skins of potatoes instead of pealing it off. Make use of those carrot tops instead of cutting them off and pitching them. You might need to be a bit more resourceful, but you get more out of the money you spent by using every bit of the produce you purchased.

Lastly, you should cook enough to have leftovers. You know you are going to be busy during the week. Cook enough when you have time to cook to prepare leftovers. These leftovers make great lunches and dinners on busy nights. The money you save from fast food will more than make up what you spent supporting your local producers.

Time for a bit of a lifestyle change

Just as weight loss and healthy living is a lifestyle change, eating locally is every bit a lifestyle change. You will have to plan more. You will need to prepare for those long months when there will be no local produce.

The easiest way to getting through those non-growing months is to learn how to can, freeze, pickle, and dehydrate. This will give you a great stock of food, prolong the life of the produce, and stretches that dollar even more.

Growing your own garden is a great way to turn pennies into dollars. This is also one of the easiest weight loss tricks. You eat from your own hard work. Try growing your own tomatoes and comparing how they taste to the store bought ones.

Eating healthy for weight loss is never cheap. These are just a few tips to help you pinch those dollars while pinching off the weight. Some of these tips might require you to do a bit more work up front, but isn’t your longevity worth it in the end?

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