Start Preparing For Those Weight Loss New Years Resolutions Now

You maybe concerned with what to get Aunt Edna for Christmas, but now is also the perfect time to prepare for those inevitable New Years resolutions. The most common resolution outside of quitting smoking, saving money, and buying a private island is weight loss. If jumping on the weight loss bandwagon is in your near future, there are a few things you can do now to make this one successful resolution.

  • Buy your clothes now. With all the Christmas sales going on right now, this is the perfect time to acquire some new gym clothes. You maybe looking for a new tie for dad, but you may also want to hit up the stores active wear section and get yourself some new shorts as well. This is a great way to get your mind in gear for weight loss activities, while you save some extra coin.

You should also be sure to look for new footwear as well. Your lawn mowing sneakers maybe great for the lawn, but they will not serve you well in your weight loss exercises. Again, with all the sales going on, why pass up the opportunity to dress your feet in comfort?

  • Lay out your attack plan. Instead of fumbling on January 1 with how and what you need to do to make this weight loss resolution come true, start your planning for it now. This can be as simple as just figuring out where in your day you will schedule a 30-minute walk. You may need to design a full weight loss friendly diet as well. Planning these items now will make that first day of resolution that much easier.
  • Start shopping for a gym. If a gym membership is in your near future, now is the time to start finding a gym. Remember, January is full of people running to the gym to start their weight loss routines. Instead of fighting yet another crowd, you can be ready for your success. Many gyms are running end of year specials to help boost their numbers. You may also want to chat with gym about their potential sales they will run come the new year. This only puts you ahead of the game when it comes to getting into a gym and commencing your weight loss routines.
  • You get your mind ready for the impending doom. If you start thinking about that weight loss resolution now, it gets your mind ready and willing. This has a side effect of helping you stave off the hordes of cookies that are soon to be filling the office. Just get up every morning and remind yourself of the weight loss resolution soon to hit and how much easier it will be to succeed if you don’t suck down platefuls of cheese and sausage.

Planning for your weight loss resolution now is a great way to ensure your success when the new year rolls around. Not only will you be prepared with new clothing, comfy shoes, and a sweet gym membership, but also you won’t be stressing about how to make this a reality. Thus, you are setup for weight loss win, instead of failing by January 2.

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