Five Fun Winter Exercises

The north maybe turning into a white wonderland, but that just means there is plenty of fun new weight loss exercises you can do. Some of these exercises may not even feel as though you are working out, but rather just playing and having a grand time. These are the best weight loss exercises one can partake. Those of you looking to ditch the gym and get outside, you may want to consider:

1. Snowboarding/Skiing. Snowboarding and skiing put a large emphasis on your leg and core stabilizer muscle groups. You may think you are doing nothing more than trying to make it down a hill, but it is a lot of work to keep yourself upright and head centered. If you can avoid any lifts, you also get the added benefit of having to hike up steep hills.

Those of you who enjoy skiing may want to consider cross-country skiing. This provides a full body workout and has huge benefits to any weight loss plan. This activity is so good that exercise equipment makers have even made home equipment to mimic this activity.

2. Build a snowman. Hard to believe that the entertainment of building a snowman can be beneficial to your weight loss goals huh? Think about it this way, you trudge around the yard rolling three decent sized snowballs. You then have to hoist these balls on top of one another in a balancing act of the ages. Finishing off this weight loss activity is hunting down decorations to making these stacked balls resemble a snowman. This whole activity could result in hours of physical work. Just what the doctor ordered.

3. Sledding. Find your best sledding hill and prepare for a day of fun and weight loss benefits. The act of sledding maybe just sitting in your favorite sled and whizzing down a hill, but you ultimately have to climb that hill for a few seconds of enjoyment. The exercise component comes in two forms. First, you have to walk back up the hill. Thus, you get a great leg workout. Second, you use stabilize muscles in the sled to keep yourself from getting a white wash. Leave your adulthood in the car and have some fun!

4. Build a snowfort. That’s right, building a snowfort is a great weight loss activity. You may need to shovel a pile of snow, or push a snow blower around to establish a great fort foundation. Next, you have to pack, design, and dig out your fort. All of these steps provide great full body workout, while sparking your imagination.

5. Snowball fights! After you have a great snowfort, prepare for war. A snowball war that is. Yes, this fun activity is a great way to weight loss while having so much fun you may forget your getting a great workout. Run, dive, hide, and throwing snowballs all use an abundance of muscles. Not only is this a great way to tucker you out, but it makes that hot cup of cocoa at the end of the great snowball war that much tastier. It’s okay, you are allowed to have this kind of fun as an adult.

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