Top 5 Tips For Eating Organic

We are starting to live in a chemical-induced world. Tomatoes have become so big and plump due to chemical concoctions and genetic engineering. While this new wave of chemicals and genetics may produce more bounty, the engineering used to make that tomato goes right into you. Is it no wonder why weight loss has become so hard?

There is a growing trend sweeping the country. The trend is eating organic and whole foods. This is one part of the weight loss equation. Yet, organic food can be expensive. Here are a few tips to keep the green in your pocket and the green in your stomach healthier for you.

1. Join a local farmer co-op

Co-ops are a great way to get fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and meats delivered right to your door. Co-ops are even easy to join. Just fire up your favorite search engine and search for farmer co-ops in your area.

The down side is you don’t get to specify what you are delivered every week. The upside to this is you will consume new foods you never thought of. You can even save on the co-op cost by sharing with a friend. Your weight loss diet should not deprive you of spectacular new foods to consume.

2. Shop the Farmers Market

During the spring, summer, and fall towns across the globe erupt with farmers markets. Farmers work hard and bring in their bounties. This is a great place to shop for food straight off the farm.

Even better is the opportunity to network. You can find more co-ops, work out deals with your local organic farmers, and possibly be able to buy right off the farm instead of having to wait for the farmers market.

3. Shop the whole foods section of your grocery store

Just about every grocery store is starting to carry organic and whole foods. Many larger grocers have aisles dedicated to just this. Even better are stores dedicated to this type of shopping. Even if you shop here for one meal, that is one meal that is not loaded with chemicals.

4. Buy your meat from local farmers

Just as you can buy fruits and veggies from your local farmers, you can also buy meats. Look for farmers who advertise free range chickens for better tasting eggs and chicken meat. Look for farmers who feed their cattle foliage over grains. You get bonus points if you find farmers who use no growth hormones or antibiotics.

5. Coupons save no matter what

Support your local paper and buy the Sunday paper on a weekly basis. This paper is loaded with coupons. Take the 30 or so minutes and clip those coupons. You will find the money you save on everyday groceries will more than make up for the cost of the paper and your time to clip them. Sweeten this deal by looking for double coupon days at your favorite grocer.

Buying organic foods does not have to break the bank. People have come to use the expensive excuse way too much. Weight loss is not an easy thing to do currently. Time to put that technology to use and find some local farmers to buy from. You will eat healthier, your supporting your community, and everyone wins just that little bit more.

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