Want to Lose Weight? Drop the Meat

Diets are a finicky thing. There are so many diet types it is hard to know what works in the weight loss arena, and what is just fluff in the mixture. The one thing many people over look are the amount of meat they consume.

Cutting meat can be hard. Bacon, steaks off the grill, a fantastic burger, or broiled fish are just a few words that can get ones mouth watering. How do you cut back on this mouth-watering food? Here are a few tips to get you on the road to cutting back your meat consumption.

Use Tofu

Tofu is a soy product. Tofu is used the world over. It is cheap, makes great filler, and has the amazing power to suck up a vast amount of flavors. It is no wonder why tofu makes everything from veggie burgers to meat substitutes in ethnic food.

Eat a fruit and vegetable meal

One of the easiest ways to cut meat is to load up on fruits and vegetables. Instead of packing a ham sandwich for lunch, pack a spinach and carrot sandwich. Eat an apple or grapes with it. It might seem small, but lunch could just be the easiest meal to cut out meat.

Try some different meal styles

It is time to eat outside of your comfort zone. There are restaurants out there that make great meatless meals. You may have to do some looking, but you just might find a gem.

A few styles of restaurants to consider are Ethiopian and Indian restaurants. These are two of the easiest places to dine on some fine vegetarian meals. This may not sound appetizing to you, but you need to try it. You just might find a new place to dine during the week.

Start slowly

Nobody is telling you to go full-bore vegetarian here. Weight loss is a continuous job. You want to sustain this weight loss life style. If you eat meat every meal, changing out to complete vegetarian will just lead to failure.

Here is what you do. Choose one meal on one day. You will remove meat from this meal. This means no beef, lamb, chicken, fish, yak, goat, elk, or whatever the local Chinese restaurant calls “chicken”. See how well this goes over four to eight weeks. One meal a week should not be hard at all.

Treat yourself from time to time

The key to weight loss is sustainability. Every good diet plan allows for a cheater meal. If you fully remove meat from your diet, you need to allow yourself one meal a weak to cheat. This is the meal you eat whatever you want (not the whole buffet) without the guilt. Enjoy that juicy steak. One guilt free meal is a sure fire way to help you resist cravings.

You do not have to go totally vegetarian to shed pounds. Maintaining a diet is one part of the weight loss equation. Start small by changing one meal a week and work your way from there. You never know, you may just cut your meat consumption and your weight at the same time.

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