Top 5 Weight Loss Tips For Holiday Eating

Turkey Genocide day has come and gone. Your weight loss goals took a break as you took a glorious turkey induced nap. Now the real weight loss test begins. This test is the test of wills and a battle against the cookie hordes. This does not mean your weight loss lifestyle needs to fall by the wayside though. It just means you need a few items on your battle plan.

1. Use small plates. It is shown that people tend to shy away from going back for seconds when they are in a public setting. This is a great way to stay the weight loss course, while enjoying the bounty before you. You do this by using a small plate instead of the serving platter you hope to use. Using a small plate means you have less room to shove extra food on. It also means you have to be pickier when it comes to what food you eat. It maybe rough to limit yourself to one small plate of fudge, but your weight loss goals will love you for it.

2. Stop your snacking. The killer to any weight loss lifestyle comes in the form of snacking. Holiday potlucks are the thorn to any well-laid weight loss plans. The reason is that food tends to sit out over the course of the day. This leads to nibbles here, a small snack there. Over the course of the day, this snacking tends to have some detrimental affects to your weight loss goals. If you must snack, pick one time during the day to snack and let that be it.

3. Allow yourself to enjoy the food. One of the best things you can do is enjoy the great food you are about to intake. Eat slowly, savor the goodness, and enjoy the hard work you have put forth in that rich fudge. Doing this simple act will allow you to consume smaller portions. Add this tip with using smaller plates and you have a recipe for weight loss success.

4. Preplan your week. If you know there are going to be five holiday parties in one week, you will want to plan your meals accordingly. Having a lunch buffet at work may mean you limit your dinner that night. It also means you need to plan on healthier eating habits for that week. Almost no holiday eating happens without a bit of notice.

5. Avoidance is your friend. When all else fails, just avoid the food buffets. This maybe hard if the food sits in a place you need to pass through, but avoiding that stash of cookies is a great way to keep your weight loss in mind. By keeping away from the heaps of food, you reduce your chances of snacking, or just grabbing one cookie as you pass by. Avoiding food may also mean you have to skip out on one dinner in a week full of holiday parties. This is your health, and nobody can fault you for keeping your weight loss a priority.

The holidays are full of food, but that is no reason to throw your weight loss out the window. Remember, enjoy the food, but enjoy it in small delightful amounts.

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