Cassie Week 10: Keeping up Veg

So if I originally fell into vegetarianism because of a guy that I am no longer dating, why am I still?

I believe full-heartedly that we cross paths with people, places, situations, for a reason- that everything is interlaced. We grow from these interactions and hopefully come out better human beings at the end of it. Besides the fact that we simply grew apart, it was his frustration that I wasn’t taking my health seriously. He helped me make plan after action plan to get fit, eat well, and find a life balance, but all his support was wasted. I was blinded by my passion, ambition, and life goals.

It is easy to fall into the trap of “If I had followed through, we would be going on our 10 year anniversary. It’s all my fault, it didn’t work out”, but it is not what I’m going to do. Anymore. (I’m only human, guys!)

I feel like if I hadn’t become vegetarian, my health would be worse off. High blood pressure runs in my family very directly. Because I’m veggie, my blood pressure is usually average, sometimes a bit lower. My skin is often amazing and without blemishes! Sometimes a bit oily but not necessary the veg lifestyle.

I have proof that if I find the right reasons to commit to a lifestyle change, I can do it. It’s not easy to make a big change like this! And it’s even harder to go back now.

I attempted going vegan, and successfully did it for two weeks!… only that I ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for every meal… and then I read the ingredients of peanut butter and realized I didn’t successfully do it at all. The fail is even in the title… Peanut BUTTER!

Ultimately, I’ve decided to stay veg because it’s what I’m comfortable with. Also, I can’t un-see the living animal I imagine when I see meat on a plate or in the window. I’m not a great vegetarian by any means, but I’m willing to try harder.

The biggest thing I struggle with is energy, which my mom says is due to my lack of protein intake. I’m bad at remember to take my vitamins, one of which is iron. It’s gotten so bad to the point I could barely hold my head up right. Who knew that would ever take conscious effort!

I’m better off putting conscious effort into this vegetarian lifestyle choice, and not just continuing because it’s what I’ve known for the last 9 years. Its useless to make a choice- to commit to something, and not fully devote brain power and energy to it. There’s something about living consciously.

About CassieS

Cassie is an artist and writer living in Southern California. She was so busy running after her dreams, she forgot to take care of herself and ignored her weight issues. Now she’s on a mission to take back her weight and her life.

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