Elizabeth Week 9: Time to Get Serious!

Not that I have not taken this weight loss journey seriously, but I feel like that it is much easier to lose weight when you weigh more. At first you lose a ton of water weight and that accounts for the first five pounds or so.

Then you probably lose some weight due to toxins flushing out of your system, and I guess it’s then that you start to lose fat. I suppose that I am probably getting down to the nitty gritty now. I swear I do not see a difference in the way I look and my clothes are only a little loose some days — it is actually a little discouraging but the scale doesn’t lie. I have actually lost a somewhat significant amount of weight, I am only a few pounds away from my initial goal weight; hopefully I will be at my goal weight by this time next week. Once I hit that very first goal number, I know my journey has only just begun. I want to be fit, and I want my body to be easy on the eyes, or so to speak.

This week was pretty boring, nothing really happened and I was pretty ‘good’. I made it a point to sweat every day. On the days my husband was at work, I hit the treadmill hard, and on the three days he was off, I found some creative way of getting a work out. It seems as though I am way more active when he is at home, we do a lot of things together. This week we were car shopping, we went to the zoo, and took the kids to the county fair. What almost seems to counter the extra physical activity when he is around is the awful way I seem to eat. I will do very well about 90% of the time when he is around but totally go nuts the other 10%. If he doesn’t cook, we end up going out to eat. It is also really hard to do the intermittent fasting thing with him around because he doesn’t seem to stop eating, like ever. My big day of mess ups this week was at the fair, I thought I could resist eating junk and eating late, but I did neither. I had to have a taste of a funnel cake, I ate a hot dog, then topped it off with bacon ranch cheese fries.

Lately my attitude is passive when it comes to slipping up, as long as I am still losing weight I find it easy to forgive myself. However, I know it is time to really buckle down. I am guessing that by this time next week, I will have hit my goal weight and it will be time to reassess my long term goals. I’m not done at all, I have a few numbers in mind and I am trying to decide which to go with initially. The jump from fat girl to chubby girl is almost done and now it’s time to go from chubby girl to thin girl.

About ElizabethP

I am a wife and mother of two young children. In addition, I am a work from home writer/stay at home mom. My schedule is busy, busy, busy! This year has been very challenging for myself and my family, and because of that, I regained all of my 'baby weight'. Now, I am working to getting back to my active lifestyle and reach a healthy weight using a modified low-carb diet and cardio exercise.

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