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I am a wife and mother of two young children. In addition, I am a work from home writer/stay at home mom. My schedule is busy, busy, busy! This year has been very challenging for myself and my family, and because of that, I regained all of my 'baby weight'. Now, I am working to getting back to my active lifestyle and reach a healthy weight using a modified low-carb diet and cardio exercise.

Elizabeth Week 11: A New Kind of Goal

Last week I was feeling a little less than enthused, to say the very least! I reached my initial goal weight, but I did not feel the way I expected I would. When I began this whole process, I had this vision of jumping for joy and tearing up on the scale when I finally […]

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Elizabeth Week 10: I’ve reached my first goal, so now what?

I say with less enthusiasm than I had imagined I would, but I reached my first goal of 154 lbs. and actually surpassed it by a pound. No, I am not done with weight loss, not even close, but I find myself feeling exhausted and discouraged. I feel like I have sacrificed so much, said […]

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Elizabeth Week 9: Time to Get Serious!

Not that I have not taken this weight loss journey seriously, but I feel like that it is much easier to lose weight when you weigh more. At first you lose a ton of water weight and that accounts for the first five pounds or so. Then you probably lose some weight due to toxins […]

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Elizabeth Week 8: A Major Rebound

Last week was a major setback in my weight loss. I managed to gain back a chuck of weight that I lost and pretty much set myself back a week or two. This past week was a major comeback. Not only did I lose my sick weight, I shed a few more pounds. Although I […]

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Elizabeth Week 7: Sick and Fat

This week was mostdefinitely the worst week I have had as far as weight loss goes thus far. Last week was not so hot either, and I wish I had tried harder that week to stay on team because I got hit hard with the stomach flu since my last post. This caused me to […]

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Elizabeth Week 6: Feeling Sluggish but the Weight is Still Coming Off

This week was another one of ‘those weeks’ where I was challenged with a division of my time and energy. My husband was put on call at the very last minute and there has been one problem after another since last Tuesday. I have been staying up way later than I should waiting on him […]

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Elizabeth Week 5: Have I Found the Silver Bullet?

My weight loss has been slow, and rather painful. Well, until this week that is! I have been hearing a lot about intermittent fasting lately and I have to say it had me intrigued right away. For those who have not heard of this way of eating, let me fill you in. There’s many different […]

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Elizabeth Week 4: What Does Exercise Got to Do With It?

As I have mentioned previously, I am a long time athlete, not in that fitness buff kind of way, but in the sense that there hasn’t been a day gone by that I don’t participate in some kind of sport. As a teen, I played every sport imaginable and I still continue to ‘dabble’ from […]

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Elizabeth Week 3: Fatigue Was a Huge Enemy This Week!

Although my first two weeks got off to really good start, I have had a load of obstacles this week. My number one obstacle was fatigue — this horrible feeling is coming in after some major sleep deprivation. My husband works a job that requires the alarm clock going off at 6 a.m. on the […]

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Elizabeth Week 2: Emotional Eating Got Me into This Mess, Now My Strength Needs to Get Me Out

Let me explain my meal plan before and now — I feel like it’s essential to understanding my journey. Initially, I tried to lose my baby weight by exercise alone. I would spend quite a bit of time on the treadmill and never saw any real results. The only thing happening was that I was […]

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