Holly Week 13: Special Circumstances Again?!

I think I am starting to figure out why I have money and weight troubles, concurrently, which then feed into each other (no pun intended). Monday I found out I didn’t get the job I wanted, so that’s special circumstances; Tuesday I found out I didn’t get my backup job, so what was special circumstances; Wednesday I had to take my dog to the beach, because it had been too long, and I had to de-wax my boards for selling, in addition to going to lunch with my fiancé, which delayed work; yesterday, I had to do the surf report and then go surfing, because it was just so perfect, but I had to track down some wax and wax my board before going and then go to lunch with my fiancé, all before I could work; today, I got started at a reasonable time (after hitting the ATM to put money in before rent was taken out), but then I had to go to lunch with my fiancé and a conversation got started that didn’t finish until 4:30 p.m. Life keeps getting in the way of money making and weight loss.

I need to start making weight loss and money making my life, but then I would miss out on relationships with my dog and my fiancé, in addition to having to give up the ocean entirely, which is the only reason why I need to make as much as money as I do. This is a vicious cycle that I am not sure how to resolve. There really are not enough hours in the day to keep my life in order. And, it’s not like I am wasting my time sleeping or pursing other mindless pursuits. I get up between 7 and 9 and go to bed between 11 and midnight.

I think the only resolution is a strict regimen that I have to stick to in spite of any circumstances that may arise. I think I may also need to get myself an alarm clock, so I can make sure I get up at 7:00 each morning, so I can get my dog walking and surfing out of the way and start work earlier. I need to then work until lunch with my fiancé, which usually takes a while, since we have to walk a distance to get anywhere, but then I have to come home and immediately start work no matter work and work until 5:00, at which point I can do a one hour job search and then begin my winding down activities.

Perhaps I have too much on my plate. In addition to work, my dog, and my fiancé, I also have my surf report, I am learning Japanese, and I must keep my house clean. That doesn’t seem like a lot when you lay it out, but for some reason, I can’t fit it all in. Not to mention that enforcing a regimen eliminates many of the bonuses of working for yourself/from home (e.g., getting up when you want and going out when you want). But I guess those things do not make winners.

I just gotta do it. I just gotta stick to it.

About HollyZ

I am a 20-something freelance writer/editor that was formerly extremely active and now works fulltime in a sedentary and mentally exhausting field. I still enjoy surfing, skateboarding, and playing with my dog at the beach, but I have had little time for such pursuits due to my busy schedule. However, I have launched myself on the path towards weight loss in order to feel healthier, live happier, and increase my confidence.

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