45 Blogs and Posts Discussing Different Types of Diets and Weight Loss Techniques

People are always looking for new ways to help them shed a few pounds, but sometimes searching the internet for the best way of achieving this can be a tough process. We scoured the net and found some great resource blogs and posts that can help you find the best diets and weight loss techniques to fit your lifestyle.

Weight Loss Supplements – This blog is about how to choose the best weight loss supplements and how many of them work.

Diet Blog – This blog examines three simple methods to weight loss that anyone can follow.

Best Natural Weight Loss Supplements – This blog post explains that while there is no magic pill for weight loss but suggests what one can do for a list of symptoms.

Amazing Diet Systems – This is a blog that explains the calorie shifting diet and how it worked for the author.

Community Chest Treasures – This is a post that reviews three very important techniques to successful weight loss.

Health Guidance – This blog explains 5 different types of weight loss programs and how they aid in losing weight.

How to Cleanse Your Body – This blog is about the health and weight loss benefits of different techniques of detox.

Weight Training for Women – This is a blog with proven weight loss techniques specifically for women.

Natural Health – This post discusses several name brand diets from supplemental to home delivery diet plans.

Fat Weight Loss Guide – This blog lists and explains techniques for healthy weight loss at home.

Lemon Juice Diet – This blog examines the results one can achieve from the lemon juice diet and proper water intake and exercise.

Antioxidants and the Alkaline Diet – This is a blog about the alkaline diet and how antioxidants can help with weight loss.

Fat Loss Strategies – This blog focuses on techniques with eating for your metabolic body type.

Weight Loss Secrets of the Stars – This diet lists everyday techniques in weight loss that start with what you put into your body.

Zechrywire’s Blog – This blog lists several techniques to weight loss and maintaining a healthy body.

Acupuncture for Weight Loss – This blog focuses on the possibility of treating weight loss with acupuncture.

Consciousness, Spirituality, and Losing Weight – This blog is about holistic methods for weight loss such as meditation and visualization.

Good Health – This blog showcases different techniques in weight loss and how they work.

Another Great Way to Lose Weight – This blog reviews 5 steps that one must take in order to lose weight and get the body you desire.

A Good Body the Natural Way – This blog discusses natural weight loss techniques and mentions several popular diet plans on the market.

Bacon and Egg Diet – This post describes what the bacon and egg diet is and how it can help you shed pounds.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots – This is a blog that explains the calorie shifting diet and its’ versatility.

Losing Stomach Fat – This blog has techniques for getting rid of stomach fat.

Weight Loss Hypnosis – This is a blog about weight loss hypnosis and its’ benefits.

Whole Wellness – This is a blog with techniques for natural weight loss.

Weight Loss Exercises – This blog gives some common weight loss techniques and exercises for those struggling with post-pregnancy weight.

Custom Weight Loss – This is a blog about the benefits of customized weight loss plans and the recommended plan by the author.

Cabbage Soup Diet – This blog explains the cabbage soup diet in great detail.

Advanced Weight Loss Solutions – This blog gives a combination of diet plan, meditation, exercise, and food as a weight loss technique.

3 Fat Chicks on Rapid Weight Loss – This blog contains information about rapid weight loss and what it does and how it may or may not be ideal.

No Diet Weight Loss – This blog gives techniques for losing weight without dieting.

Losing Stomach Fat Exercises – This blog focuses on different types of exercises that reduce belly fat and increase weight loss.

Vegetarian Weight Loss – This article focuses on a vegetarian diet and how to be successful in losing weight.

Best Kept Secret of Weight Loss – This blog focuses on simple everyday techniques and a positive attitude about weight loss.

Weight Losing Ideas – This blog talks about why some diets are more harmful than helpful and what the author’s own experience has been with calorie shifting.

Weight Loss Delite – This is an article about super fast weight loss and how combining strength training and a balanced diet will give you the results that you want.

Which Diet Method to Choose – This blog explores the most popular diet crazes and what is great and not so great about each one.

More Weight Loss Tips – This blog features 5 techniques to reach your desired weight in less time.

Weight Loss Menus – This blog talks about fad diets, what is bad about them, and why meals with fats in them are better for weight loss.

Weight Loss Grail –This blog specifically features information about hoodia supplements for weight loss.

Bariatric Surgery – This blog has information on bariatric surgery for people who are severely obese and are suffering illness because of it.

Simple Weight Loss Diet – This blog examines popular weight loss programs and low fat/carb foods are not long term and boasts that accelerated weight loss plans are the way to go.

Fat Man Journal – This blog takes a look at different types of weight loss programs and techniques that are popular.

Health News for Americans – This blog is about fat burning, weight training and body building as surefire techniques for transforming fat into muscle.

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