Best Weight Loss Snacking Options

Just because you are on a weight loss regimen does not mean you need to cut out snacking. What you do need to do is adjust your snacking to be more inline with your weight loss plans. Good thing the following snacks are both tasty and healthy:

1. An apple a day keeps the hunger away

Apples are one of the most convenient weight loss snacks imaginable. They come with a protective outer casing. Apples travel well thanks to their compact design. Apples also come packed with high fiber and loads of essential vitamins.

Maybe you don’t like the idea of eating around bruises from an apple. Good thing there is natural applesauce to cure your weight loss snacking desires. Make sure you read the label and the only thing listed is apples and water. Avoid the sugar as apples already come packed with natural goodness.

Maybe, apples just aren’t your cup of weight loss tea. Maybe you need to take on watermelon instead. Watermelon makes the second best snacking fruit you can eat. The reason for this is watermelon is full of water and fiber. The natural sugars provide a sweet taste, while filling you up with liquid. You won’t be eating this one fruit by the pound.

2. You’re so nuts

Raw nuts are right up there with apples in the ease of transportability factor. Shelled raw nuts are easily carried in a baggie for your weight loss snacking habits. Raw nuts provide a good amount of natural protein and fat that every balanced diet needs.

Eating nuts is great for a pre-meal snack. The reason being is that you want to consume nuts in small quantities. Think along the lines of under a dozen or so. Also, make sure these are raw and unsalted nuts. Enjoy them for their taste, not the fact that they are portable salt licks.

3. Eggs in the hard-boiled fashion

Eggs come packed with essential weight loss ingredients like protein, fats, and vitamins. Hard-boiled eggs take very little to prepare, are small and light, and provide a lot of taste for a small package. Season with a bit of pepper and you got a nice little midday snack.

4. Mmm, crunchy raw veggies

Raw veggies are right up there with the weight loss benefits of exercising. Raw veggies are crammed full of vitamins and fiber. Stay away from fattening dips here though. If you really need something to flavor your veggies with, consider something like natural hummus. This adds a bit of flavor while keeping you on the weight loss routine.

5. Yogurt of the low-fat variety

Yogurt is a great addition to any weight loss diet. Yogurt comes with beneficial digestive aids, loaded with calcium, and makes for a great mixing agent. Just pack a few berries and you have yourself some natural berry flavored yogurt. Look for all natural yogurt as opposed to highly processed, sugar bombarded yogurts that try to play off being healthy.

Mix up you snacks to provide variety and reduce weight loss snacking burnout. These may not be cookies or chips, but the benefits these snacks provide are far superior to what any chipmaker can provide. Just wipe the apple juice off your chin before that next meeting.

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3 Responses to Best Weight Loss Snacking Options

  1. Jojo says:

    Great tips there, Cathy! I’m a terrible one for snacking!

  2. dallas bancroft says:

    thanks for the info. I’m going to follow this diet to lower my cholesterol. Doc says I have to do something and if I lose 5 or 10 lbs.
    that wouldn’t hurt either. Have been pigging out for no reason other than boredom and laziness. If I had any energy I’d walk a few blocks if not a few miles each day but instead I don’t do anything. I sit and write sometimes, most times I sleep or watch t.v. or I’m driving around. Ugh. Man is not built to sit. We have two legs for walking, why don’t I do something to walk? Nowhere to go? That’s one good reason. Another is if I had a place to go, it would be far enough so I’d have to drive. What to do? What to do?

  3. marty says:

    Great tips, Cathie. Felt quite peckish just reading them! I already knew the hard boiled egg one, it always works for me since I tend to snack on savoury things most. I think there are only about 60 calories in an egg, is that right?
    Well, I’m glad to hear you’re still progressing and keeping to the regime. xxx