Catherine Week 19: Busy Week and Feeling Yucky but Spirits Good!

I know everyone I am late again… they will write on my epitaph… The Late, Great Catherine Anne Hayes!!! I truly apologize  for taking so long. It has been a hectic week with shooting the film, going for diagnostic tests, going to the dentist, going to the doctor for medical clearances… to make matters worse I also have been dealing with a sudden 15 pound water weight gain over 4 days that had to be dealt with. Ugh. Not fun. God Bless Mobile Physicians of Beverly Hills that I have been with for about a year and a half and it is because of them I have found my wonderful team of doctors. I called them and the wonderful Alex Foxman MD,  the head of Mobile Physicians who right away ordered some medication and for a phlebotomist to come to my apartment to take blood and for my Physician Assistant Veronica Ratevosian to come over to examine me. Mobile Physicians is fantastic. Imagine, in this day and age doctors who do home visits. They even do X-rays, Ultra sounds and other tests. They also work with your primary/internists.  They are great particularly when you are too sick to go to your doctor’s office but just not sick enough for the emergency room or do not want to go to the emergency room. As for the 15 pound weight gain it was not what I was fearing thank God. The medication is helping and I am losing the water. I only have to take it for a few days… but I am fighting a cold now or I hope it is just a cold. I am doing the usual to treat it so I am in shape for next week’s filming Wednesday which will be the last of it for now till after my surgery… yes I will be doing another scene after my surgery. I also have more dental work next week plus I have another diagnostic test I have to do. Dr. Polisky who has to give me medical clearance wants me to get a stress test to make sure my heart is in good shape just to be on the safe side. He is sure it is but it is always good to be on the safe side.

Speaking of dental… good news!! My broken tooth did NOT have to be pulled!! YIPPIE!! The dentist, Dr. Hagas of Western Dental is a GENIUS!! He did a root canal and normally that is not the most pleasant of experiences and I did not feel a thing!! He was so gentle!!… and not bad to look at too!! :-)

Filming last Tuesday was fantastic! As usual I can not tell you all what we were doing but I can tell you it was extremely intense. You all will be very proud of me. I held my own with Adam and the other wonderful actor whom I can not at this time mention by name. I feel so lucky and privileged to be working with these amazingly talented men.

Here I am in this picture with my director John Kline at the end of the day’s shooting. John also wrote the script and is the driving force behind all this along with his producing partner Scotty Wheels. Both of them are great guys. I am so grateful to them for bringing me into this project. They are my sweetie pies!!

Well, my dear friends this is going to be a short one. Like I mentioned I am not feeling the greatest and am on the tired side.  It is midnight now and I am going to sleep!!

Much, Much Love… Till next time… xxxooo



About CatherineH

I am a NYC gal living in Southern California. I am an actress/singer/model who had a very successful career back in NYC but it was time to make a change. Little did I know that the change would come in the form of me becoming very sick and almost dying. It has been a slow and long process recovering, but I am doing it. I am now disabled but I am learning how to live with it and not let it define me.

4 Responses to Catherine Week 19: Busy Week and Feeling Yucky but Spirits Good!

  1. marty says:

    Phew! Sounds like an intensive week….can’t believe you had root canal treatment and didn’t feel a thing, things must’ve moved on a lot since I had one done twenty years ago. I swore then that I’d never have another one done.
    I’m so glad things are going well with you. I hope we actually get to see this film in England!

    Much love,

    marty xxx

  2. CatherineH says:

    Hi Marty:

    Dental work has improved greatly in the last twenty years. I remember getting a root canal over twenty years ago too and it was GHASTLY!! Even the last one I had back in NYC in 2003 was torturous but then again I think it depends on how bad the tooth is too. In both of my last 2 root canals my roots were crooked and very inflamed and it was a very difficult situation so that I am sure contributed to it. This time my roots in my tooth are straight and the break in my tooth is clean not crooked. Also there have been a lot of advances in Dental work too. I still have more work root canal work to go through this coming Monday and then the Wednesday after that I believe the crown work will be done.

    I am sure you will be able to see the film in England. Scott Weil the Executive Producer just opened a Facebook page so when Advent is over you must go look at it and “Like” it so you will get the updates and such. Pictures will be added over the weeks. We are not done filming by any means. We are taking a break now for the Christmas season and will be resuming sometime mid January. I still have a scene to do but that will not be till the end of the shooting schedule so that works perfectly with my recovery. BTW…the name of the movie is “Once Upon A Super Hero”. Here is the Facebook link….

    Much, much love,

    Cathie xxxooo

  3. Helen Duffy says:

    Keep up the good focus, honey. I know you will achieve your goal. It was lovely to see you last night. Wishing you an easy surgery and a fast recovery.

  4. CatherineH says:

    Hi Helen:

    It was beautiful seeing you last night too!! You look FANTASTIC! YOU lady are such an INSPIRATION to me!!

    Much, much love,

    Cathie xxxooo