Jade’s Week 2: Exercising and Portion Control

Week one down!

This week was extremely successful. Losing 4 pounds was super exciting — I actually weighed myself three times on different scales so that I was sure. And — not having to move the dial past 160 was awesome!

I felt the most successful with my exercise routine and had a few hiccups with my diet. I realize that it’s easier for me to commit to working out and spending more time at the gym than a complete overhaul on my diet.

Highs: My exercise Routine

After writing my first entry I really tried to think about how I could be more active in my day-to-day life. I started by hitting the gym- trying to run/walk/elliptical/ crawl/bike my way to 5 miles a day. I had read before that 10,000 steps was a magical number for weight loss and figured that was a very clear goal to have everyday. And it was pretty easy for the most part. I just went to the gym and got on a machine and zoned out for an hour or so.

After a few days and seeing a slight drop on the scale, I decided to pump it up a little. (That “10 pound weight loss by the end of the month” goal kept me up at night.) I added a small amount of weight training for my upper body. My arms are one of my problem areas and one part of my body that will definitely be showing in my wedding dress, so I would prefer for them not to by flabby and gross! I also started walking more —taking my dogs on longer walks, walking to the nearby grocery store and walking to eat lunch. (I figure that way they kind of balance each other out!)

Things I need to work on: My Diet

While I haven’t changed my diet as much as I set out to, I have limited how much I eat — which seems to be a small step in the right direction. Fixing large salads that are protein heavy helps set me on the right direction for the day. I just need to keep at it and really make the effort to plan those meals out ahead of time. My biggest weakness is dining out and saying no to friends. This week we definitely ate out less and I tried to suggest outdoor activities where we could still be social but we weren’t eating.

My second biggest weakness is tacos. I love Mexican food and a taco salad just isn’t the same as tacos! This week I’m going to try replacing the shells and just ordering fajitas. Hopefully that will still satisfy the craving without adding calories. It’s funny because I don’t crave sweets like cakes or cookies — I really just want a volcano taco from Taco Bell!

This next week I really want to focus on eating fewer carbs — since I know that has worked for me before and the results are fairly quick — making it easier to stick to since you’re seeing a bigger change faster.

As for my workouts, I’m going to keep them relatively the same for right now. I’d like to continue finding more and more ways to be active because every little calorie burned helps! Also, I’m going to add a Julian Michaels Abs DVD three times a week. The first time I did it I felt like I was going to die. The next day I noticed I was super sore on parts of my body I didn’t even realize I was working out (It hurt to walk up stairs!), so I think that will be an added challenge.

I haven’t noticed a lot in the mirror yet, but my jeans felt a tad looser and I notice my confidence was slighter higher (meaning I actually dressed up for going out instead of sticking to the same ole jeans and T-shirt I had on all day.)

I’m excited to continue the process and really find that I enjoy taking notes of my progress. Before I would get mad at myself if I ate something with a lot of calories or something that was “bad for me”, but now I’m trying to look at every decision differently. If I want to eat the taco, then the rest of the day needs to be very low carb/low calorie or I need to spend an extra 15 minutes at the gym. Bottom lines that every little bit helps and I’m hoping that adds up to big weight loss.

About JadeB

I am a travel writer who recently got engaged to my college sweetheart! Like any newly engaged gal, I'm looking to look my best and get healthy for our new married life. I like tacos, paddleboarding, traveling, shopping, hiking, kayaking and going to the movies.

2 Responses to Jade’s Week 2: Exercising and Portion Control

  1. Bob says:

    Finding new ways to be active is a great idea- I especially think walking to eat lunch is a perfect compromise for having a taco! Keep up the great work.

  2. Nalea says:

    Great post. Good luck! BTW, your sneakers are so cute!