Michaela Week 6: The Power of Routine

Weekly Loss Update: – 3 lbs.

Inches lost: Chest: ¼”; Arms: 0; Waist: 0; Hips: ½”; Thighs: ¼”

Current BMI: 27 (I measure this monthly)

Summer is officially over (according to the calendar). I am living back in Southern California after a seven year stint on the East Coast and am missing that subtle turn in the coolness of the air that usually lets you know winter is on the horizon. Instead, I am planning to join family in Carlsbad for a few days off, hoping (no praying) that the beach weather stays warm and the skies cloudless. Our family does this every year, the same week in September as our way of officially closing the summer. Last year the marine layer was thick and the sun only peeked out periodically; yet we still managed the bike rides, art shows, outside dining, and beach bonfires, only with lots of clothes on!

Last year’s Carlsbad suit (floral and black); this year’s suit (blue Hawaii). Oh, la-la. Next year’s? A tankini? A bikini? We’ll see!

I’m feeling a bit anxious this year about staying the course on my program while still joining in the culinary delights of beach eating.  During a lunch gathering at work the other day conversations led to a discussion on healthy eating and a colleague commented: “you make it seem so easy.” I chuckled inside. If she only knew how I planned, prepped, and strategized to make sure I have healthy alternatives in the frig; analyzed restaurant menus before going so I know what’s available for me to eat; and think about my protein options and how I will prepare my dishes. As for the Carlsbad trip?  I’m sure I’ll do OK food wise, it’s the Bloody Mary and mimosa brunches and the beer and martini sunsets I’ll have to worry about. I’m thinking I’ll bring my Le Criox lemon-fused mineral water and add a dash of wine for a nice wine spritzer to help toast the sunsets.

I’m back at spin class this morning (Monday). Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that I took last week off my body movement plan. I’m not sure if it was a matter of the bed winning or if I was just pooped. I was swamped with evening meetings, gatherings, out of town family visits and late nights almost every night. Morning workouts just didn’t happen. And you know what? I didn’t die and I still lost 3 lbs. Not going to beat myself up, instead I started up again this morning. I want to eliminate my “all or nothing” thinking.

Importance of routine. So, I thought I’d share what some of my exercise-loving friends had to say about routine:

Me: Do you have a daily/weekly exercise routine? If yes, what is it?

Patricia: I think it’s important to have a routine. Most of what I do is running. That is what I love. I know I need to cross train more, especially as I’m getting older (64) but running is the exercise I’m most consistent with.  I try to run 5 days a week. When I was working (elementary reading teacher) I would meet a group of people at 5:00am on Tues, Wed and Thurs. We would run a seven mile course. Weekends are for longer runs. At first I picked this routine because it was the most convenient to my life. I had small children and I got the most workout for the least amount of time away from home. I didn’t have to travel to my workout, I just ran out the door. I wanted to loose a few pounds and it worked but in the process I grew to love it.

Julie: I run or walk every day. I had been playing tennis 2-3 times per week, but all that went out the door during the summer (Julie lives in North Carolina, they don’t have this awesome California summer weather). I am hoping to get back into that routine in a few weeks or so. I have been exercising since I was about 10 years old, but there have been many periods that the exercise was not regular. I would say that I’ve been walking or running for the past three years.

Noreen: I have a schedule I try to follow… SUN “long” run (getting in shape for our Las Vegas 1/2 marathon). Run anywhere between 7-11 miles depending on the schedule. MON –  2-3 miles slow run. WED – 3-4 mile run. FRI 2-3 mile run. Unfortunately, my exercise routine is not “regular”. I have been following the above schedule for only 2-3 months. I do great the months leading up to an event but then I fall back into the 1-2 days a week routine. This is a running schedule from a runner’s book. I have always loved running – started on track teams in grade school. I am now trying to remain on track for my future; I want to have an active senior life.

This process of digging deeper on this topic with my exercise-loving friends has been interesting. I’m learning that the love of movement and exercise is something that most of them GREW to love as they did it; they didn’t just naturally love doing it. I’m also learning that their choice of exercise and routine depended on what they could get done within the parameters of their lives. They didn’t let life define if they exercised or not; life may have defined ‘how much’ and ‘when’ but it never defined ‘if’. I like that.

Here’s what my routine looks like now: MWF: 1 hr. spin class; TTH:  ½ cardio, ½ weightlifting. I’m researching yoga classes near work. I would love to fit that in somewhere.

Healthy living to all!

About MichaelaB

I am a 'young' 56 yr. old adventurer in life. I am a single Christian woman living in Los Angeles County dedicated to working to strengthen the voice of those who have been marginalized by society. I have an artist's heart and eyes and enjoy making art around me. I have roots on both the East and West Coasts which fill my year with travel and seasonal changes.The Bible provides my direction in life and is at the core of my year of physical transformation.

2 Responses to Michaela Week 6: The Power of Routine

  1. Rebecca says:

    Hi M – You are looking wonderful…keep up the great and awesome work!

  2. Rosemary Wilson says:

    Hey I want to see that new blue bathing suit modeled! I have a picture of you in the old one. :) Good work, my friend. I am very proud of your success and continued determination.