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I am a 'young' 56 yr. old adventurer in life. I am a single Christian woman living in Los Angeles County dedicated to working to strengthen the voice of those who have been marginalized by society. I have an artist's heart and eyes and enjoy making art around me. I have roots on both the East and West Coasts which fill my year with travel and seasonal changes.The Bible provides my direction in life and is at the core of my year of physical transformation.

Michaela Week 10: Big Girl in a Skinny World

Weekly loss update: -2 lbs. Inches lost: Chest: 0; Arms: 0; Waist; 1/2″; Hips: 1/4″; Thighs: 0 These past 9 months have been part of a powerful journey; I’ve made great efforts to focus my energies on the journey aspect of my weight loss and not the final destination and it’s made all the difference. […]

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Michaela Week 9: Hit ’em straight and long!

Weekly weightloss update: -4 lbs (this actually represents 2 weeks since I didn’t weigh-in last week) Inches lost: Chest: 0; Waist: ½” Hips: 0; Arms: 0; Thighs: ¼” Well, I never thought the 60’s would feel so good! When I get to the point that I’m about to enter into the next 10 lb. segment […]

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Michaela Week 8: The Power of Walking

Weekly Update weight-loss:  ? Inches lost:  ? So, what’s up with the question marks? Each week with the Ideal Protein program I weigh-in and meet with a nurse (my day is Thursday). An important part of tracking my weight-loss has been weighing-in on the same scale each week. I’ve been on vacation this past week […]

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Michaela Week 7: Victory Over Self

Weekly Weight Update: +1 Inches lost: Chest: 0” Arms: ¼”  Waist: 1” Hips: ¾” Thighs: ¼” OK, so not what I was hoping I’d be writing about in week 7, but it’s hard to really beat myself up to much since this is the first week in eight months that I had a + sign […]

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Michaela Week 6: The Power of Routine

Weekly Loss Update: – 3 lbs. Inches lost: Chest: ¼”; Arms: 0; Waist: 0; Hips: ½”; Thighs: ¼” Current BMI: 27 (I measure this monthly) Summer is officially over (according to the calendar). I am living back in Southern California after a seven year stint on the East Coast and am missing that subtle turn […]

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Michaela Week 5: Is there an Exercise gene? Friends weigh in….

Weekly Weight-loss update:  -1 lb Inches lost: Chest: 0; waist: 0; arms: 0; hips: 0; thighs: 0 (OK, what’s up with this?) This week’s challenge: Sugar and salty foods. A few cookies here, a handful of peanuts there; can’t forget the three fists-full of BBQ potato chips. The philosophy behind this Ideal Protein program is […]

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Michaela Week 4: Veggie Overload and Alarm Clock Blues

Weekly Weight loss Update: –1.5 lbs Inches lost: Chest: 3/4″; Waist: 3/4″; Arms: 0″; Hips: 1″; Thighs: 0″ This week’s challenge: Staying motivated to eat a truck load of veggies and beating those alarm clock blues. I’ve just about had it with the field full of veggies this program requires. I credit veggies with filling […]

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Michaela Week 3: Becoming a Better Version of Myself

Weekly Update: Yeah me! Weekly Weight Loss: 2.5 lbs Inches Lost:  Chest:  2”;  Waist:  ¼” ; Hips: 0;  Arms: 0; Thighs- 1 ½” My biggest challenge this week? Muffling the quitter’s voice in my head. Thursday morning the voice won. I didn’t go work out but chose to sleep in instead. The funny thing is that […]

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Michaela Week 2: Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It’s Off To SPIN I Go!

Weekly update:   Weight loss: — 3 lbs. Yeah me! Inches lost:  Arms: 0; Chest: 0; Waist: -1/2″; Hips: – 1/4″; Thighs: -1/4 My biggest challenge this week? Those darn L.A. pool parties. I never miss a meal. Well this day due to errands, chores, etc. I missed lunch. I don’t have to tell you […]

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Michaela Week 1: 12 months to Total Transformation

Week 1 isn’t really the truth. It’s Week 1 on this cool site but Week 30 on my weight-loss/body/life transformation journey. I started this journey on January 4, 2012. Yep, that’s right, a New Year’s Resolution junkie.  Weighing in at a whopping 215 lbs., (even for 5’7 that’s a lot) I was using the ‘F’ […]

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