Michaela Week 8: The Power of Walking

Weekly Update weight-loss:  ?

Inches lost:  ?

So, what’s up with the question marks? Each week with the Ideal Protein program I weigh-in and meet with a nurse (my day is Thursday). An important part of tracking my weight-loss has been weighing-in on the same scale each week. I’ve been on vacation this past week and could not weigh-in, and I am out of town next week so I will not be weighing myself for two weeks. This could be good or it could be bad; let’s see what happens. My Thursday weigh-ins have been a motivating factor for keeping me on track, with out that motivation will I stay focused?

I bet you’re wondering if I stuck to my program while on vacation? For the most part I did really well considering all the great food and typical beachy snacks that seem to pop up out of nowhere when there are lots of family and friends coming in and out. My downfall seems to be sugar. Yep, it’s the sugar addict in me coming out… again. I think I wrote about this last week. Chocolate and carrot cake. But hey, it was my sister’s birthday so I had to have a little, right?

Tip #1: Portion control does work. Having a little isn’t going to throw you off a cliff. One of my objectives for losing this weight is to make sure I don’t develop adult onset diabetes. By allowing myself a small amount now I avoid a full-fledge binge later. No, I’m not rationalizing; I’m trying to be realistic.

I did great with the party aspect of the vacation sticking to a few wine-spritzers (1/4 cup red wine and mineral water) to feel part of the party without going overboard. I found I enjoyed myself just as much and didn’t end up with that bloated feeling I get after rounds of beer. Wine-spritzers are very refreshing, they look nice, and make for a good conversation starter: Them:  “so, what’s that you’re drinking?” Me:  “Oh, just a Shiraz spritzer, wanna try it?” I converted some die-hard pale ale drinkers to at least give it a try. I doubt they’ll convert for life, beer drinkers are a tough bunch!

Merlot spritzer anyone? they’ll be life converts.

Tip #2:  Keep yourself in the party by making small changes. Alcohol has absolutely no nutritional value, is wasted calories, converts to sugar in your body and causes a whole bunch of other issues, like wearing down your reserve to say no to that pepperoni pizza. Find a health(ier) alternative. Wine spritzers work for me (sometimes I don’t even add the wine).

There’s a Kenneth Grahame quote that boaters are quick to say: “There is nothing, absolutely nothing, half so much worth doing as simply messing around in boats.” Well, I’d like to alter that quote: “There is nothing, absolutely nothing, half so much worth doing as walking on the beach at sunset with family and friends.” I think a majority of my issue of moving my body daily would be non-existent if I lived at the beach! Of course, I’d still have the alarm clock blues to deal with but boy was it heavenly going on bike rides and taking long walks with the sound of the ocean helping me keep pace. Love it!!

Next week I’m back to the “Y” for spin and weight-training. I’ll have to get one of those machines that create an ocean noise, hmmm….  how can I replicate the sand and salt air?

I just love Southern California

Tip #3: No matter where you find yourself, you can always walk. Even though I wasn’t at the same intensity level as my spin class, I walked every day while on vacation and went on two bike rides. For me it’s the daily movement that lets my body know that. I’m in charge and being strong is my mission.

Inspirational quote: “The sum of the whole is this: walk and be happy; walk and be healthy. The best way to lengthen out our days is to walk steadily and with a purpose.”    — Charles Dickens

What’s your purpose and where are you walking to today?

About MichaelaB

I am a 'young' 56 yr. old adventurer in life. I am a single Christian woman living in Los Angeles County dedicated to working to strengthen the voice of those who have been marginalized by society. I have an artist's heart and eyes and enjoy making art around me. I have roots on both the East and West Coasts which fill my year with travel and seasonal changes.The Bible provides my direction in life and is at the core of my year of physical transformation.

2 Responses to Michaela Week 8: The Power of Walking

  1. Ally Cat says:

    Wow, nice to meet ya, Michaela B. You’re right on point walking is great exercise, but without a dieting program it’s all for naught. I too am an avid believer that one should not deprive themselves totally of anything. Moderation is always been my philosophy. I like your blog, your style and I like you. Thanks!

  2. Tim says:

    Well I’d like to add that I definitely approve of walking. It has plenty of health benefits and no drawbacks. While weight loss requires eating less calories than you burn (making diet a key component) there is zero harm in walking and a whole lot of good.

    And it burns calories in a way that won’t give you a cardiac arrest!

    I personally lost 35 Kilo doing nothing other than restricting my calories to a normal diet for my goal weight and walking. No pills, no gimmicks.

    So yeah I definitely endorse walking. Nice Blog :)