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Mike Week 11: Convinced About Paleo

Finally after two weeks home I am back to normal and eating in my opinion the correct way our bodies are genetically programmed too. On the road I went off and even broke down and went a little crazy of eating crap. Now the urges to eat sugar and glutenous foods is gone again as […]

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Scott Week 10: The Candy Bar

It’s been an interesting week for me, to be sure. Last week I felt extra motivated and that did not change this week. It was solid, I feel, though I did have one pretty good cheat night which we’ll get to later on. Last week I was telling you about the gym routine and how […]

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Byron Week 9: Under Pressure

This week I hopped on a plane to head back to my hometown in Wisconsin for a real autumn and a close relative’s wedding. There are two things I’ve already learned realized traveling in my new weight-loss mentality: 1) Am I the only one that thinks going on vacation translates to “you can eat anything […]

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Elizabeth Week 7: Sick and Fat

This week was mostdefinitely the worst week I have had as far as weight loss goes thus far. Last week was not so hot either, and I wish I had tried harder that week to stay on team because I got hit hard with the stomach flu since my last post. This caused me to […]

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Mike Week 4: Time Slows Down

Being disciplined takes time and determination. As I enter week four the relativity of time becomes more apparent than ever. Four weeks sounds like a long time but it seems that on a daily basis it feels like an eternity. Each day I try to approach in a series of a segmented day. Just have […]

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Jade’s Week 2: Exercising and Portion Control

Week one down! This week was extremely successful. Losing 4 pounds was super exciting — I actually weighed myself three times on different scales so that I was sure. And — not having to move the dial past 160 was awesome! I felt the most successful with my exercise routine and had a few hiccups […]

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Holly Week 1: One Woman’s Path to Becoming Overweight

I wasn’t always overweight. As a child, I was a picky eater, and my parents coped with it by bribing me with candy or just letting me eat what I wanted. Driven toward sugar, carbohydrates, and fried foods, I often ate at McDonalds (12-40 points) or had a hot dog (8 points) and crackers (4 […]

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Summer Week 1: Ready to Get Off this Roller Coaster Once and For All

My name is Summer, and like most people who have struggled with weight loss, I have a love/hate relationship with my health and losing weight. I love the way I feel when I’m living a healthy lifestyle and nourishing my body with the nutrients and exercise that it needs, but I hate the work it […]

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When Weight Loss Hurts Your Relationship

In an ideal world, working toward your weight loss goals will have a positive effect on everyone around you. Your spouse will be encouraged to live a healthier lifestyle. Your friends and family will be inspired, and will set out on their own weight loss journeys. Reality, however, very rarely matches up with what the […]

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Get the Weight Loss Support You Need

One of the biggest struggles many people have when it comes to weight loss is getting other people to understand your weight loss needs and, even if they don’t directly encourage them, refrain from doing things that would get in the way of your weight loss. Getting the support that you need can be a […]

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