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Catherine Week 23 Part 2: One Chapter Ends And A New One Begins……

It is with a sad and heavy heart I have to announce to all of you that this will be my last blog on this website. I was just informed this afternoon by my editor that new management has taken over the website and they have decided not to continue with the blogging section. This […]

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Catherine Week 23: The First One Of The Year, Hmmmmm…

As I begin writing this it is 4:50 a.m. I have not gotten any sleep in approximately three days now. Any proper sleep that is. I’ve had little glimmers of sleep here and there. I don’t quite manage to totally slip into oblivion… oh no… that is not possible. My old companion Penny is making […]

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Catherine Week 22: It’s The Last Week Of The Year And I Am Still Here…

Who would have thought that? Quite frankly, I do not doubt my dedication, but I must admit I am just a little bit surprised and very pleased with myself that I am still here… that I have dug in my heels deep and I keep on writing. It has been the best thing I have done for myself […]

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Catherine Week 21: Arctic Cold? I Thought I Lived In Southern California!!!!… AND A Christmas Treat :-)

Okay… maybe I am being a bit dramatic but I am not kidding everyone. I have started writing this at approximately 12:50 a.m. this morning  and the super icy cold wind is battering my windows. The frigid air is seeping its glacial fingers around the edges of the sides of my bedroom window. I have […]

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Catherine Week 20: Sleep Eludes Me In The Wee Small Hours Therefore I Write…

I suppose it is a good thing since I can not sleep that filming is cancelled tomorrow… or should I really say later today since it is 2:59 AM as I write this. I admit to having mixed emotions about it. I am sad naturally as I always look forward to doing my work but more importantly I am […]

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Catherine Week 19: Busy Week and Feeling Yucky but Spirits Good!

I know everyone I am late again… they will write on my epitaph… The Late, Great Catherine Anne Hayes!!! I truly apologize  for taking so long. It has been a hectic week with shooting the film, going for diagnostic tests, going to the dentist, going to the doctor for medical clearances… to make matters worse […]

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Catherine Week 18: Owning Up And Taking Personal Responsibility — The Circle Of Cause And Effect

I need to address this right off the top… owning up and taking personal responsibility. In my last blog, week 17, I told you about my Thanksgiving and how my dearest, darling, most wonderful  and one of my oldest friends Craig Calman, who by the way has shared MANY a Thanksgiving and many other Holidays […]

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Holly Week 14: Time to Get Real

Obviously, my current plan has not been working. While my eating habits have improved from a year ago and I have been able to keep 12 lbs off consistently since May, there is a lot of room for improvement (not to mention another 50 lbs to lose). I have decided to make a more tangible goal: I […]

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Catherine Week 17: Better Late Than Never And It Has Been Busy!!

First if all I must ask you all for your forgiveness for not writing my blog earlier in the week like I usually do.  It has been a very hectic and busy week also in a lot of ways emotionally challenging. Also growing and coming to some realizations. Facing things. That is not always the […]

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Catherine Week 16: Sunday Night and Penny Is Being A Triple Threat… Grrr…

It’s 8:25 p.m. and Law & Order Criminal Intent is on the television set to just provide noise in the background for me and keep Walter company as he folds the clothing that has been piling high as Mount Everest all day as they come out of the dryer, I admit to being in a […]

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